Welcome!  My name is Maren Barros, aka, Nahanni Dancing Coyote Woman and this is my site.

New around here? Well here is some EXTRA love for you: this home page was designed to bring you up to speed ASAP. It is intended to help you figure out what you're doing here and if you and I might be a fit for working together.

I know your time is precious so let's just dive in:

  1. I am a Life Coach/Shamanic Practitioner. Don't know what that is?  Check out this blog: What the heck is life coaching? And this one: What the heck is a Shamanic Practitioner?
  2. My big WHY in life, the thing that lights me up like no other is this: I work with people who are navigating big (often painful) events in life and give them the tools they need to get through to the other side!
  3. Why the heck do I have two names? Great question and it really isn't as crazy as it might sound. You can read more about that here.
  4. If you want to know about how to work with me, simply go to the Work With Me page on my site.
  5. And if you are still curious about who the heck I am go here.
  6. I am also a published author. You can buy my book FIERCE Integrity on Amazon (or iBooks or Kindle). Watch out for the different last name though, it's published under my former married name: Maren Hasse. You know, because I'm going for the whole "Author Formerly Known As..."thing... J.K.
  7. If you are hungry for more: you can follow and subscribe to my 365 Meditation Challenge on YouTube (I'm a YouTuber!) OR you can subscribe to my blog. This is a pretty small, *elite* group of peeps who, because of its tiny-ness gets LOTS of feedback and attention from me (if they comment, write, connect). In other words, I'll write you back babe. Hey. This is not a small promise. Years ago I ran a blog that had 50,000 monthly readers and I couldn't make that same promise. So get in while the getting's good!
  8. Hmmmm... What else do you need to know right off the hop? Oh yeah: I like to laugh. And have fun. Don't get me wrong, doing your "work" is "serious business" and can often be tough, however it can also be FUN and LIGHT-HEARTED. And I bring both of these qualities to the table.
  9. If you are actually still reading this, you should seriously contact me... we're totally going to jive Clive.
Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes
— Carl Jung