Day 10 - #365MeditationChallenge

I took some time to check out a meditation studio in Edmonton today during my lunch hour.  Normally, I would be no where near Edmonton at that time of the day/week, but today I had some time between appointments and decided to check it out.

I took a 30 minute breath work class and it was awesome.  What a wonderful way to break up the business of the day!

When I got home tonight, Perry and I sat down to dinner and afterwards I went out for about a 45 minute walk.  It is about -25C out there right now (colder with the wind chill) but when you are bundled up, it's not too bad.  It gave me some time to check out the almost-full moon and hug some of my favorite trees in the neighbourhood.  

Perry and I are working at cutting sugar out from our diets and I'll admit that the first few days are tough!  We did a whole 30 back in August/September and are now doing a modified version of it again (keeping in some of the foods that we don't seem to have any trouble with).  Sugar is a no-go for both of us so it is our main focus.  What I am noticing is that I am totally fine all day long right up until I finish my dinner and then BAM! - the craving for something sweet is overwhelming!  Up until now, it has been my usual practice to have a few squares of milk chocolate after supper (truly I can keep it to that), but lately other sweets have crept into the evening 'routine'.  I decided to do a walk every day after supper instead of eating the chocolate (hence why I elected to go out walking on such a frigid night).  So far, so good.  And I know from experience that it just gets easier.   

Happy day 10 to you!  Hope you are staying warm wherever you are! 

xo M.