Day 23 - #365MeditationChallenge

The healing effects of last night's coaching session continued throughout the day as I integrated and fully owned the experience.  A big part of this was sharing this with both my mom and the Waterman (he was away for the past three days) and debriefing the experience.   

Afterwards, I went downstairs to meditate and decided to allow for a very  "organic"  experience; kind of like a "check in".  

I wanted to sit without a timer and see how long of a meditation my mind/body naturally flowed into and out of and it turned out to be around 18 minutes.   

It was an interesting meditation and if I had to describe the feeling of it, I would have to say it felt similar to how you feel in your body when you see or hold a new born baby or a puppy.  It felt new, fresh, innocent and hopeful - my heart cracking open just a tiny bit more. 

And so, once again we begin anew.