Day 3 - #365MeditationChallenge

I spent the day with my 8 year old son today.  It was his annual "yes day".  A yes day is a day in which I have to say "yes" to whatever he asks for.  Of course there are some parameters involved around money, etc., however what it really ends up being is a day where he and I go out and spend quality time together having as much fun as possible... with the odd cupcake and/or donut thrown in.  This year's yes day involved: meeting my sister and her boyfriend at an arcade center (which was surprisingly really fun), going out for lunch, mini golfing, a mirror maze, some "gamer" shopping, watching the hockey game, hosting a play date, and playing a few board games.  Whew!  While it was very fun day, I am also trying to convey that it was also a very FULL day with not a lot of "down time" and absolutely no "me time".  Having just returned from a trip that had quite a lot of "down time" and "me time" in comparison (sleeping in, morning coffee in the outside hot tub, hiking in the desert, etc.), it was quite the contrast!  Needless to say, today's meditation was a much needed (and deserved!) sanctuary at the end of the day.  The funny thing is, very often in the past I have had full days and then decided not to end the day with meditation.  Looking back on it, this makes absolutely no sense.  The one thing that would actually help me to integrate and calm down my nervous system prior to going to bed is something that I have historically avoided doing... truly bizarre.  And that is just one of the reasons that I am doing this challenge.  If I set a goal (and make it public), and commit to some kind of tracking mechanism to help me stay accountable, I am WAY more likely to head downstairs to the meditation room at the end of a long day instead of crashing into bed with a book or onto the couch with a Netflix show.  And, best yet: I have a pretty deep awareness that my whole being will benefit - allowing me to have the energy and stamina for more "yes days" in the future!  Huzzah!