Day 30 - #365MeditationChallenge


I think this is actually one of the first "spiritual tools" that I ever learned about.  I am not sure who actually gets credit for them, but they came to me via the immitable Louise Hay.  

Ok now for honest hour: I have always thought that affirmations were well, kind of hokey.  I have used them a tiny bit, but my efforts at them have been half-hearted at best.  Not convincing at all.  

Instead of verbal affirmations, I have instead relied upon written affirmations and vision boards.  Both of which I have found to be supremely helpful.  I have a vision board next to my bed and written affirmations in my wallet, my computer and all over my many journals.

But lately, I have been reminded of the power of the spoken word.  As in, it has shown up everywhere; on my facebook feed, in the book I'm reading, in my dreams and in my coaching.  

So, today while in a fairly deep meditation, I somehow found myself speaking outloud the feelings that I most desperately wanted to feel.   

I heard myself saying: "I am safe.  I am safe.  I am safe."  Slowly, methodically, over and over, with tears streaming down my face, my body all tingly and coming fully "on-line" with the pulse of the Universe.  

It felt so damn good that I continued on with other desired "feeling states" and let me tell you by the end of 30 mins I feel a whole lot different than I did going in.  

Who knew? (Don't answer that.  I knew.  I just wasn't putting it into practice.  One year meditation challenge for the WIN - again!)