Day 9 - #365MeditationChallenge

I love Shamanic Journey.   

If you watch today's video, it plays like an advertisement for "post journey bliss".  Today's meditation left me feeling light, excited and bubbly. 

Every meditation experience is different for me.  I think this is because I have been trained in a whole bunch of different types of meditation and truthfully, I like that it is different every time.  The type of meditation I find myself in always seems to be the exact type that I need at that particular time.  Today, as you will see in the video, I found myself in a Shamanic Journey.  

This is not surprising to me, given that when I said my prayer and set my intentions for the session, I did ask for help and information.  Often, when I ask for that, my body/mind will automatically start to journey.   

Today's journey was a whopper!  It was so full of symbolism!  Anubis turned up to guide me (the Egyptian God that has the dog head) and took me floating in a Moses-like basket down the Nile River (we started in a river in the Andes).  We floated past the Sphinx and the Pyramids and got out of our baskets to observe alchemist  working in a shady half-cave structure.  He was too busy to interact with us, but I got the strong message to re-visit the book "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho.  I read that book about 10 years ago but apparently it is due for a re-read.  Next I was guided into a Garden of Eden (of sorts) and there was more symbolism (a lighthouse, purple fairy mushrooms, etc.). It was all very vivid and super interesting.  I think the best part was seeing myself all dressed up like a blonde Cleopatra.  


See?  Fun.  Who wouldn't want to explore their subconscious like this? 

You can perhaps see why facilitating journeys is not only once of my favorite ways of exploring meditation, but also one of my favorite ways of working with my clients.