Day 36 - #365MeditationChallenge

Wowza!  We are pretty close to the 10% mark already.  The year is flying by!!! 

I was wondering about how many people have already abandoned their "New Year's Resolution" by now?  I did end up doing a bunch of research on the statistics of this, but the data isn't consistent (or likely accurate).  I mean, who likes to admit that they didn't follow through with something? 

The thing is though: behaviours can be pretty tricky to change.  Like REALLY tricky.  That is because they aren't simple.  Everything is connected to everything else.   

For example, let's say your New Year's Resolution (or goal) is to lose weight, work out more or eat better.  Well for one thing, that is pretty vague.  What are the parameters of that?  How will you know if you have achieved that?  The goal lacks specificity.  In education, a term that we use when we are setting goals for our students is the acronym: SMART goal.  Is the goal Specific?  Measureable?  Agreed Upon?  Realistic?  Time-Based?  

I think our meditation goal is all of these things, which is likely one of the reasons we are having success with it so far.  We even have a tracking mechanism built in (thank you YouTube), and even though very few (if any) people are watching, we are hyper aware of this very public commitment that we have made.  

So, if you have abandoned your New Year's Resolution already... do not despair.  You get to get up and try again!  This time, maybe set some kind of parameters around it for yourself.  Use the SMART philosophy if it resonates with you.