Day 12 - #365MeditationChallenge

So maybe this is the post where I talk about the crazy technology issues that we have been experiencing for the past month.  I am actually a bit speechless and totally dumbfounded by the journey we have had.  I say this because over and over (and over) I have asked myself, "Ok Universe.  I get that you are trying to get my attention.  What am I supposed to be learning about?  What am I missing here?"  Over the past month, we have had internet/cable outages at our house on an almost daily basis.  I have spent hours and hours on hold with our provider.  I have also had to cancel some of my appointments and miss some meetings in order to be here for the technician visits.  I literally can't do my job without the internet, so it felt like a high priority.  Again and again, the technician would come and "fix" the problem, only to have the whole cycle start all over again days, sometimes hours, later.  It has been a very time consuming and crazy-making process.

Finally, we decided to switch providers.  Today we have "new" services and so far, so good.   

If I'm honest, I still haven't exactly figured out what the big teaching was (I have some ideas, but I'm not totally certain).  For instance, the video down below came out sideways and I can't seem to get it to flip the right way!  I am okay with it though.  It is a perfect symbol for the crazy journey with technology we have just come through!