Day 44 - #365MeditationChallenge

I am at a 5-day Shamanic training all week so I will be getting plenty of meditations in and plenty of journeys as I experience a soul retrieval process.   

It was quite a profound day overall.   

Tonight, when I got home, Perry asked me if I would journey him so we did that.  The video is pretty funny... you can see (again) just how "dreamy" journeying can leave you.  Pretty funny stuff. 


Day 34 - #365MeditationChallenge

Another night meditation and another powerful journey for me.   

The universe has been bringing me quite a few books about elephants lately... (I am a voracious reader and read about 1-2 books per week).  In this journey, I ended up working with one particular elephant, Maura, the matriarch of her tribe and we were accompanied by her daughter Maisy.  She invited me to ride on her back into the dark summer night.  We began by walking West, further into the darkness, when all of a sudden we did a 180 degree turn, and started walking towards the East, just as the first hints of dawn were appearing on the horizon.  It's like she remembered that she could CHOOSE to walk away from darkness and back into the light.  

This feels symbolic and significant given the mental health struggles that have been present for me of late.  It is a powerful reminder (and a visceral one, which is why I love journey so much) that I do get to CHOOSE.  That I do have power in the situation.  That I get to REmember my birthright: Joy, and come back to it again and again and again.   

I am so very grateful to this powerful guide and this profound experience. 


Day 18 - #365MeditationChallenge

I found myself actually craving for meditation time today, and feeling so grateful that I could make the time/space for it.  I had a 30 minute journey-style meditation today. I set some intentions at the start and prayed for guidance, hoping to get some clarity around and/or move some uncomfortable emotional energy I have been feeling in my body. 

As I speak to in the video, I believe that our prayers are always answered, however sometimes just not in the form that you are expecting.  I did go on a journey and receive some guidance, but at this point I am not totally sure what to make of it and THAT'S OK!   

Sometimes it can take days, weeks or even months for clarity about a journey to set in.   

The other interesting thing I will share is how often (for me anyway) the answer seems to show up in one of the myths/stories/legends of our culture.  For instance, this journey happened to be about the story of Peter Pan.  As I said, right now it's all a bit of a mystery for me but I will sit with it as it unfolds. 

Happy Wednesday to you! 


Day 9 - #365MeditationChallenge

I love Shamanic Journey.   

If you watch today's video, it plays like an advertisement for "post journey bliss".  Today's meditation left me feeling light, excited and bubbly. 

Every meditation experience is different for me.  I think this is because I have been trained in a whole bunch of different types of meditation and truthfully, I like that it is different every time.  The type of meditation I find myself in always seems to be the exact type that I need at that particular time.  Today, as you will see in the video, I found myself in a Shamanic Journey.  

This is not surprising to me, given that when I said my prayer and set my intentions for the session, I did ask for help and information.  Often, when I ask for that, my body/mind will automatically start to journey.   

Today's journey was a whopper!  It was so full of symbolism!  Anubis turned up to guide me (the Egyptian God that has the dog head) and took me floating in a Moses-like basket down the Nile River (we started in a river in the Andes).  We floated past the Sphinx and the Pyramids and got out of our baskets to observe alchemist  working in a shady half-cave structure.  He was too busy to interact with us, but I got the strong message to re-visit the book "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho.  I read that book about 10 years ago but apparently it is due for a re-read.  Next I was guided into a Garden of Eden (of sorts) and there was more symbolism (a lighthouse, purple fairy mushrooms, etc.). It was all very vivid and super interesting.  I think the best part was seeing myself all dressed up like a blonde Cleopatra.  


See?  Fun.  Who wouldn't want to explore their subconscious like this? 

You can perhaps see why facilitating journeys is not only once of my favorite ways of exploring meditation, but also one of my favorite ways of working with my clients.