Journey to the Sacred Heart

This post is for all of you fence-sitters out there!

If you are feeling called to attend Tending the Sacred Heart ~ A Woman's Spiritual Retreat but you haven't committed yet, just do it... we only have 5 spots left.

If you have checked out any of the information on the retreat, you will know that it is a collaboration between the inimitable Sarah Salter-Kelly and myself.  Sarah and I have collaborated on women's programs before and it is always a great time.  It was a "hell yes" for me when the opportunity to collaborate with her showed up again... however I was even more excited when she said, "I'd like to do something a little less intense than usual".  Lol.  If you know Sarah and I, this is a huge shift.  She and I both LOVE to go deep!  

So if you are wondering if this retreat is going to take you "super deep" into your "dark and twisty" bits... the answer to that is no.  At least, that is not our intention.

What is our intention then?

It is to guide you on a journey into your heart... and we have chosen the archetype of the "sacred heart" to help guide us on our journey to hold this space for you.

Along that note... as soon as this retreat showed up, along with it came the vision of a labyrinth.  When I sat with it further, it became clear that I was to guide a labyrinth walk as part of this retreat.  

This is all fine and good (I usually say yes to my Divine guidance without too much questioning or objections), however logistically I was a bit concerned about how I was to pull this off (and why).  So, not one to back down from a challenge, I did a bit of internet research, and figured out how to build a portable labyrinth.  

I have walked quite a few labyrinths in the past, and been facilitated in the process, however I am new to facilitating this process so I also ordered a few books on the history of labyrinths and how they are used, etc.  

You will laugh at this next part... or at least I did... labyrinths are a metaphor for a journey into the sacred heart. 

Lol.  Of course they are.

If this is any indication of how much guidance exists for us on this journey in particular, I wouldn't hesitate anymore if I were you.  

Let's journey together!

Much love,


Dancing Coyote Woman