A little magic for your Friday...

movie pic

So Perry and I are watching a movie last night (Everest) and he stops to pause it.  He heads to the kitchen for a few minutes, leaving me sitting in our living room, day-dreaming.  As I'm sitting there, I'm talking to him about how we should go to Nepal some day and go trekking… I am babbling, telling him random things that I have heard from my friends who have gone there. Then, as I'm speaking, I look up and see a painting on the wall.  It happens to be from Nepal.  I continue talking about my friend who went there and brought me that painting.  And then I say, "Actually, that scene in the painting is probably right from that valley where they are in the movie right now."  

I look back at the screen - taking in the scene above.

I look back at the painting and my mouth drops open...

Nepal painting

Take a look at that.

The foreground might be different, but the BACKGROUND IS VIRTUALLY IDENTICAL!!!

Wanna see that again?  Thought so.  Ok.  Here you go:


When I start to think about all of the elements that needed to happen in order for that synchronicity to line up… well, my brain can't compute them all.  So?  I chalk it up to magic.  Part of the Great Mystery.

Happy magical Friday to you!

xo Maren (NDCW)