The Awkward Update

I heard on a Podcast today that it is way easier to have a conversation with someone that you talk to on a regular basis as opposed to someone that you talk to infrequently. It can be far more awkward to engage with people in the latter category because you aren’t familiar with the everyday goings-on of each others lives.

This was a light bulb moment for me. 

Lately I have been itching to come back to writing. In fact, in November of the past year, while I was in Maui on a family vacation, I started my next book, and experienced entering the familiar “flow” state as 46,000 words proceed to pour out of me in near effortless fashion. 

I have had very limited success in continuing on with this project since returning home however and yet the craving to just WRITE has yet to subside. 

Occasionally, I will open this site, and see the date of my last blog (May 31, 2017) staring back at me.


It has been so damn long since I gave this part of my life attention that I now find myself engaged in that awkward situation that I described at the top of the post.

What the fuck do you say after so much time has passed?

In the past 9 months I have just been living my life, experiencing the high highs (women’s festivals, wild tattoos and a trip to Maui) and the low lows (my brothers death, my other brothers declining state of health, my own PTSD and depression). 

It is messy, imperfect, dark, light, beautiful, intimate, sacred, wild, boring, excruciating and effortless.

Today I am simply giving myself permission to be in that awkward and uncomfortable situation. I am cracking the door open so that if I choose to, I can continue to converse and process here on a more regular basis.

How’s that for an update?