What the heck is Life Coaching?

I have been a Life Coach for five years now.

I started back in 2012 when it wasn't as much of a "thing" as it is now.

I initially started my business based on the mentorship and teachings of another coach from the US and paid $9000 USD to work with her on a bimonthly basis for one year.

Yes, I know, that sounds like a lot of money to a lot of you. At the time, it sounded like a lot of money to me too. Like A. LOT.

However, let me also say this: Even though it was a scary amount of money to invest in myself, it was SOOOOO worth it.

In that year, I launched my own coaching practice, lost 25 pounds (which I have kept off), developed the content for my website, launched the FIERCE Integrity Project (free on-line e-course), wrote my book FIERCE Integrity and had a publishing contract with Difference Press Publishing. BAM.

I am pretty sure I don't need to spell this out for you but I will anyway: This shit really works.

But... after the one year, I didn't quite feel ready to take my business to the next level (I had already earned the $9000 back through coaching my own clients by the way), so I began opening myself up to my next mentor/teacher.

Boom. Enter Martha Beck's life coaching school. 8 months of pure awesome. This training was another "big investment" for me at the time, costing around $7000 USD. 

Again, this program completely transformed my life.

Towards the end of the life coaching program, I ended up flying to Peru to drink Ayahuasca and study Andean Shamanism. Oh, and I finally got up the courage to leave my marriage shortly after that. Truthfully, I don't think that my relationship was able to grow at the same ridiculous rate that I was apparently determined (destined) to travel. 

That was three and a half years ago... and the dust from that wild and chaotic storm of change and transformation (you could even call it a hurricane) has finally settled.

Perhaps I should also mention that in the midst of putting my affairs in order over the past several years, I was also guided to take two additional courses in Shamanism - another two full years of training. I also went back to Peru to partake in more Ayahuasca plant medicine and learn even more about Andean Shamanism.


In addition to the trainings in life coaching and shamanism, I am also a certified yoga teacher and a certified Reiki practitioner. PLUS (bonus skills - yay!), I am also a vision consultant. I have a Master's degree in Education which allows me to work with children who are blind or visually impaired and provide support to their families and school teams.

I should mention that I more than doubled my consulting practice during the past three years too.

So, yeah. Life Coaching.

When you hire me as your "coach", you are getting all of the experiences I listed above (and many, many more). You see, I can't separate my very rational, science-y, professional side (the one who somehow managed to rack up three University degrees) from my spiritual, intuitive (and maybe slightly hippie-dippy) side. Coaching with me combines ALL of it.

I recently re-applied to the town that I live in to get the proper licensing in order to have clients come to my home. Frankly, I would prefer to coach over the phone, however I do have local clients who really prefer the face-to-face interaction. When the town sent out the notices to my neighbours, I was actually thrilled to hear that they got several calls from "concerned citizens" - wondering what the heck life coaching is.

Now I need to admit something here: a few years ago, I wasn't ready to be fully seen in my community as a "life coach" or "shamanic practitioner". In fact, when I went to the town office last July to apply for the same license, I literally ended up having a complete, bawling, messy meltdown in the office when they began asking me questions. I was so damn terrified of what they might think. (You're a what? A life coach?! And immediately my overactive imagination broadcast visions of them carrying me away and locking me up, or worse, burning me at the stake... Ahem. I may have had to work through some past-life/collective fear shtuff in order to be free of that crazy nonsense, but I digress).

In recent months, now that my personal life seems to have simmered down a little, I have had more time to really look at my coaching buisness/practice. Is this something that I even want to do, or do I just want to focus on the consulting? I even entertained the notion of going back for a PhD to continue to further my skills in the academic/consulting world... BUT: Something is holding me back.

The truth is, Life Coaching (and later, Shamanism) has totally transformed my life, for the better.

I am far healthier; mentally, emotionally, spiritually or physically than I've EVER been in my life (EVER).

I have travelled through my own "dark night of the soul" (more than once), as I navigated severe depression/suicidal ideation, an eating disorder, childhood/ongoing family trauma, divorce, attachment disorder, co-dependency and an unhealthy relationship with alcohol.

And: I got through it all by accessing the help of coaches/mentors/shamans/teachers who taught me what they knew and walked with me until I could once again walk on my own.

That is what I want to do for my clients. That is what I want to do for you.

This is my WHY. It is my reason for getting up every morning. I want to walk with you through the dark until you (we) get to the dawn on the other side.

Let's friggin do this.