I love the picture on this page.  I feel like it fully captures my essence.  All parts of me.  For months I have resisted writing this "about me" page because it felt impossible to capture all of me in a clear and succinct way.  

The truth is, I am a bit of a walking paradox.  I am a Medicine Woman ("Nahnni Dancing Coyote Woman") AND I am Maren Barros, M.Ed., Educational Consultant and Professional.  For years I have been struggling with these two personas, sometimes literally feeling as though I would be torn in half by their separation and differentness.  How could two seemingly completely opposite energies live inside this one mind/body?  Every time I would fully embrace or embody one, it felt as though I wasn't being true to or honouring the other.  For a long time, this inner conflict caused me to feel like an imposter in both worlds.  I never felt like I was ever able to truly and fully be "me". 

Recently, I have started to see that this is part of my medicine and that both of these "streams" if you will, are actually leading to the same destination.  They are both me and though they are quite different, neither of them is "wrong".

Feeling "wrong" is familiar to me.  I have felt "wrong" for most of my life.  I am the older sister to two brothers who have a rare genetic condition which has resulted in a tremendous amount of mental and physical suffering for them over the past 30 years.  For much of that time, I believed that it should have been me, and that I didn't deserve to be healthy, happy and free.  Actually, I didn't even believe that I deserved to be here on this planet and for many years I held on to the option that I might choose not to be.  

Over time however, though the suffering in my family has remained constant, I have sought out and chosen a different way of being in the world.  I have managed to heal my guilt, shame, self-loathing, addictions and severe depression using every tool that I acquired in my tool box along the way.  

Whether I am working as a consultant, shamanic practitioner, coach, yoga teacher, meditation teacher or retreat facilitator, these are the tools that I can now use to help serve others.  

From my experience, healing is most effective when it happens on all four levels; mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  I have training and experience that targets each of these areas that I would be thrilled to share with you; coaching, thought work, meditation, yoga, diet and exercise, writing, lifestyle changes, exploration of the natural world, relationship work, shamanic journeys and ceremonies.  Each person's "recipe" for healing is as unique as they are and ultimately, it is you who has the knowledge and power to heal yourself.  My role is to simply offer you the tools that make sense and resonate for you, and to guide you in the process.